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How to Actually Support Your Friends with Mental Illness


Even though I openly discuss mental health on my blog and in my work, I still don’t really talk about it.

When I have, even with the most lovely and loving of friends, I see deep discomfort and a tendency to try and change the subject.

Wanna know why? It’s really hard for both parties.

Talking about your mental health sucks for everybody involved.

Just sayin’.

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Cuando tu pareja sufre de ansiedad: Una Guía para el Colapso


Thank you to Alfredo & Nancy who did such an incredible job translating this for me from the original version found here.  I do not speak any Spanish, so I relied on their skills and knowledge to help me! Enjoy!

Advertencia: utilizo lenguaje fuerte en este artículo.

¿Qué haces cuando tu pareja está teniendo un ataque de pánico o un episodio depresivo?

Puede causar mucho miedo y frustración ver a alguien que amas tener que vivir un episodio como tal, especialmente si no sabes cómo ayudarlx.
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A Meditation On Hatred


The last few weeks have been a blur. I imagine I am not alone in my struggle to process the demons we are now dealing with.

I have come to understand that though we feel things have just become very bad, and very dark, we are ignorant or naïve if we believe they haven’t always been.

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When Your Partner Has Anxiety: 8 Tips for Getting Help


As I have alluded to in my other post When It’s Time to Get Help With Your Anxiety and Depression, getting help wasn’t simple. So, I thought who better to tell you how to get your partner with anxiety or depression to get help than the person who helped me: My partner. Without further ado, here are his tips on how to get your partner the professional help they need when they are struggling with anxiety and depression, complete with my helpful gif additions. You’re welcome.

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When It’s Time to Get Help With Your Anxiety and Depression


Trigger Warning: Talk of Mental Health, Illness, Suicide and I swear in here somewhere, I’m sure.

Everyone has depression and anxiety these days. According to some studies, people have been getting more and more anxious and depressed for the last 80 years.

Is it because more people are being diagnosed as the stigma around mental health relaxes and people are allowed to talk about how they are feeling? Or is it really on the upswing?

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Meltdown Guide 2.0

A photo by Mathias Reed.

Helping people with anxiety and the awesome folks who love us.


Thank you for your feedback, sharing and liking, and being super brave and sharing your stories and experiences. You’re cool.

What’s next? Well, I am going to work on creating some more awesome content for you guys to read, share, and argue with me about.

But first, I want your opinion.

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When Your Partner Has Anxiety: A Meltdown Guide


TW: I swear a lot in this article. 

What do you do when your partner is having a panic attack or a depressive episode?

It can be really scary and super frustrating watching someone you love go through an episode, especially if you don’t know how to be helpful.

This Meltdown Guide was created to help those of you who are in love with people who struggle with anxiety and depression to feel like you can be helpful when your partner seems to be spiraling.


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Social Media is a Black Hole


Social Media is a black hole.

You can spend hours and hours, and pour wheelbarrows full of money into it and see very little in return.

If you are not a social media addict, you might not understand what the point of social media marketing is. You’re not alone. Even savvy social media consumers have trouble defining exactly what it is about social media that is so addictive and why it is so important.

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