Podcast Interview with Nick Thorton of People Doing Things

blueonblue2-pdt-1Click on the image to listen.

I was honoured to be invited on Nick Thorton’s podcast People Doing Things. We talked about making friends with your depression and anxiety, how mental health can impact your relationships and the power of real communication. Please be advised I swear quite a bit and there are some frank conversations about mental illness and suicide. 

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Update: For the last two weeks I have been reaching out to mental health advocacy groups about collaborations and potential relationships so we can bring you even more comprehensive resources, and make your life a little easier. When I approach these groups with the data of how engaged and amazing this audience is, these people take notice. So thank you. Your support through sharing, liking and spreading the word all helps.

Have a great week.

Did I mention you look really good today?

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Do you want to support those struggling with mental illness get the care they need, while supporting Mental Health Research? I am teaming up with the Canadian Association of Mental Health and Addiction to raise money for their campaign, #OneBraveNight! Click here to find out more and donate. 


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